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Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogger to WordPress

I'm switching this blog from blogger to wordpress. If there's nothing here later on tonight... that's why! :D

Late Nite Mash Episode 1

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zoom In: Producing Movies Today! (Oct 29, 2006)

Tonight's guests on Jason DaSilva's "Zoom In: Producing Movies Today!" on phovi.com were filmmaker Colleen OHalloran and investor Todd Tiberi of AwlFilms.com. They discussed the creation and funding of the film all three of them collaborated on: "To Be Continued".

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Creative Commons

An interesting difference between doing your own videos for fun & entertainment and creating video for broadcast is that you are forced to become generic. Instead of being able to use anything you want and do anything you want with it, there are many things to be avoided in the production of a video. As a content producer, you have to think about what you might want to do with your work down the line during even the pre-production phase of creating your video.

Let's say you do a personal interview with someone, and you like how it came out. You can do whatever you want with it, personally, but then, if you want to offer your interview to another group, they might require releases (written documents stating that the subjects in the video gave you permission to use your video of them) from everyone in the video, or they won't accept it for their production. Even if you have releases for the subjects, you might have done it inside a restaurant, and THAT needs to be 'cleared'.

You might use your favorite song in a video, but if you want to include that video in a broadcast, you'll need to re-work it with music that's cleared for use under certain circumstances (see Creative Commons), like from podsafe music network or IODA. Strangely enough, even music that comes on the radio or that someone walks by could present an issue. These things have to be considered when you're doing a video that depends on the audio as well as the video. If someone's saying something important while this uncleared music passes through the scene, there might be no way around it, since re-tracking the person's dialogue means that you not only cut out the music, but all the other background sounds that make the video sound uniform.

Does this make sense? Yes. :D People work hard on their music or whatever and put their own energy and creativity into it, so they should definitely have rights to determine how their productions are used. There's an interesting Creative Commons license that allows you to use the work as long as you attribute credit to the creator of the original work somewhere in your video, you don't use it in a commercial work, and the work that you do that's derived from their work is also licensed under the same CC license. It's called CC BY-NC-SA (attribution, non-commercial, share alike). This is interesting because it creates a stream of 'cleared' work for people making similar videos to use.

There's also the internet archive, where there are lots of videos and songs labeled "no rights reserved" that you can use in any way you want, and a lot of Creative Commons videos as well.

What's "unfair" about this system (not to the creators of the work, but unfair to media creators looking for music or video to enhance their projects) is that money talks. :D If you work for a production company, or you do your own productions, you are subject to the same fees to license "real" music as the networks are. Let's say you wanted to do a video about something and a network wanted to do the same piece. Even if your footage is better, content-wise, and your written dialogue is better, and your editing is better and your shot selection is better..... your video will have YOU playing your guitar over your drum machine, sounding like folk music from the country :/ while the network blasts "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World" by Neil Young. Your piece IS better, but theirs SOUNDS better, so they have an emotional advantage in the effect their video has on the viewers.

Same thing if you're a documentary maker. MTV plays music all day and all night on several channels, internationally. If you watch one of their docs, they're FILLED... I mean *FILLED* with the latest music from the hottest artists at the time. MTV's in the country, you hear the latest country music. They're in the city, you hear the latest Hip-Hop. They're in India, you hear the best mood-inducing Indian music. This is because A) MTV has the money to purchase the rights to whatever songs they want, and B) everybody wants their songs to be ON MTV so they can get publicity = more fame and sales. Nobody wants to be in YOUR PODCAST that 30 people download on a weekly basis! :D So... YOUR video or film or what-have-you is going to sound like what's really going on... you got the music you could afford to use.

I think podsafe music network and IODA are providing a great service on both sides of this situation. They're allowing video producers to use music with high production values, as long as the producer complies with the stipulations of the licenses. If your budget is ZERO, or even less than zero... you can still get a fantastic background track for your non-commercial work. For the musicians, they benefit because their music's being heard by people that otherwise wouldn't have looked them up on the internet. They're being heard without having to be 'hot' enough to get into rotation on MTV. Also... you never know when a video that someone does might become REEEEEEALLY popular, and then the musicians get to ride the wave. :D

~Bill C.~

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Late Nite Mash

Dan McVicar, of McVlog fame (... amongst other things, hehe) presents: "The Late Nite Mash".....

"I want to tell you about something very exciting ....on Monday October 30th
you will see the first webisode of my online series "The Late Nite Mash".

This three minute cocktail of night culture, celebrity interviews, music,
stars and you is served with new shows daily. It shows the promise of new
media, and a chance to bring the conversation and world a little closer.

So check out www.latenitemash.com. It is not just a show, but a community.
Sign up, its free, and the conversation continues there.

All my best,

Daniel McVicar"


The show starts October 30th, @ noon PST, with special guest Andy Garcia.
Be There, or... um... Be There! :D

Passion vs Investment

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NODE 666 Reloaded

I finished my video for the Halloween Videoblog Festival 2006.

Originally, I wanted to shoot something, but it's not so easy to do a scary movie WELL in NYC in one week. Too many things count on too many things. To make up the idea, then get the actors, then shoot it, then edit it, then encode it... if anything goes wrong, you end up with nothing at all.

I decided to edit the film "NODE 666" by Galacticast. The individual videos for the "NODE 666" collaboration are on node666.org.

You can watch and comment on"NODE 666 Reloaded" @ ReelSolidTV Episode 27.

Web Video Talent Agency?

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24 — One of Hollywood’s top five talent agencies has created an online unit devoted to scouting out up-and-coming creators of Internet content — particularly video — and finding work for them in Web-based advertising and entertainment, as well as in the older media.

The move by the United Talent Agency — best known as the home of comedians like Vince Vaughn and Jack Black, filmmakers like M. Night Shyamalan and television producers like Dick Wolf and David Chase — amounts to a bet, albeit a modest one, that Web video is on a growth curve similar to that of cable television a generation ago. It is also a return by Hollywood’s core talent representatives to the sort of new-media business they tested, without great success, at the peak of the dot-com boom. (Read More)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?

So I get on a bus, today. I normally don't get on buses, but I decided to try one today. Not just any bus, but a bus going out of state. Not like a public bus or something. I get my ticket at the bus terminal and walk to the waiting area. I get in line behind this girl/woman/young lady, whatever your favorite term is. She's relatively attractive. I don't know that that has anything to do with the topic other than that's the reason I noticed her in the first place. I don't know that that's not the ONLY reason I'm blogging this. :D So the bus comes, and we're going to the same stop. It was an express bus, so I suppose EVERYONE was going to the same stop... or maybe they weren't... maybe there were "points beyond" that that bus was going to. I call for my ride to pick me up, and she goes about her business. Meanwhile, I'm wondering to myself what the odds are that I'm going to see her on the way back "home" (at least for me).

Amongst others, I meet up with someone that took an earlier bus from NYC. I decide to leave my plans for going back home up to whenever he decides he's leaving. That's not exactly a fair statement. I should say that I was working with him today, so I definitely wasn't coming back to NYC BEFORE he was... there was just nothing saying that I had to leave when he did.

Anyway... I leave it up to him, and when he's ready to head back, I get ready to go. Our ride has to pass by Fedex, so we end up going for the 8:30pm bus instead of the 8:00pm bus. We get dropped off, and as we're waiting for the bus, the same chick is dropped off @ the Park N Ride by her father (which I could tell because of their conversation). So now, the question has changed from "what are the odds that we will come back together on the same bus, when there's a bus that runs every 30 minutes from the center of the universe (New York City) to some town in the sticks in Jersey" to "What's going on here? Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?"

It's true that the odds were relatively good that I would come back on the same bus she did... at least, compared to other modes of transportation like New York Subways, where you can take several different lines, or you can take buses, or you can catch a cab, or you can walk. Between 10:30am and 8:30pm, there are 20 buses, but you can cut that number in less than half, considering I wouldn't expect someone to take a bus to Jersey just for a couple of hours, then go back home. So let's say the odds were 1 in 6.

For someone to believe that it was Destiny or perhaps Fate that caused you to run into someone twice in the same day, you'd have to believe there was a plan or someone/something pushing you in a certain direction, and also pushing the other person. Then again, you're not supposed to be able to escape "destiny", so what exactly WAS your destiny in that situation? Just to be there on that day, on that time? Your actions still come down to Free Will, so even when put in a situation of potential Destiny, what happens still comes down to what you choose to do, or what's chosen for you.

Maybe it's not a plan, but a suggestion from 'the powers that be'. Then again... maybe it's Meaningless Coincidence. If it's a suggestion, and you don't recognize or act on that suggestion, you miss out on something potentially great for you... IF the power suggesting this to you had your best interests in mind! :D Similarly, if it's Meaningless Coincidence, and you act like it's something special, you could overreact to 'nothing'.

So I'm thinking about this on the subway ride home from Port Authority. What just happened? Did ANYTHING happen? DOES anything EVER happen? Is it all Meaningless Coincidence?.....

I leave the subway and walk home... just in time to meet a new chick simultaneously entering my building. :D She's fun, friendly and attractive, and as we bid each other 'good night' as I leave the elevator, I'm glad that I didn't stop to meet the first chick, because I would have missed the second one! ;)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Zoom In: Producing Movies Today! (Oct 22, 2006)

Attended Jason DaSilva's on-line talk show, "Zoom In... Producing Movies Today" on zoomin.phovi.com. His guest speaker was Karin Hayes, co-director of the film “The Kidnapping Of Ingrid Betancourt”.

Karin spoke about getting films produced, funded, publicized, and distributed. She also told us about her current film project, Pip & Zastrow: An American Friendship.

==> Watch The Video! <==
==> Read The Text Chat! <==
Join in next week via webcam or telephone conference or text chat via the flash interface.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hip Hop Legends

Tonight, I went to see "New York Legends of Hip-Hop" at the Victory Theater in Times Square. Looooooong-time friends Marjory and Kim Holmes (pictured) were featured dancers, along with Rock Steady Crew and other representatives of Hip Hop culture, essentially from the beginning of it all. :D

Marj, Bill C., Kim Holmes

The show was great! :D Reminded me of 'back in the day', going clubbing all night, then hitting 'Round The Clock or Midnight Express for breakfast before or while the sun was coming up. I'm sure it was even better for people that weren't aware of or didn't have access to the culture. Our seats were next to a tourist named Melanie. She was from Sweden or Denmark or The Netherlands, I can't remember which. We took pictures on her camera, which wasn't digital, so she's planning to snail-mail me a copy whenever she develops the film!!! hahaha She enjoyed the show a lot, too.

I made sure I had my kicks, sweats & KR3TS shirt, in case I had to 'get loose'. :D I had seen Kim recently, but hadn't seen Marj in ages, so it was great to watch them perform and hang out with them after the show. This is the last weekend of the show, and all the remaining dates are sold out... as they should be, because "New York Legends of Hip-Hop" is well worth seeing... whether you lived through the evolution of Hip Hop in NYC in the streets and in the clubs or you didn't, but you're a fan of the style & energy of the culture.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Formats & Codecs

I received a comment today regarding the download times of my videos along with some suggestions on how I could improve those times. I hadn't been thinking about it in a long time, but it caused me to consider the way this site was built, and also what my procedures are in posting vlogs.

Initially, I was just building a site to hold videos as a source for my iTunes feed. I wasn't really thinking about people watching them from the site. One of the first problems I had was that most people access my site with PCs, not macs, and a lot of them couldn't properly view Quicktime movies. I wasn't aware of Flash at the time... well, not as far as universal video access. I was aware of the program itself. Anyway... I made AVI files, which are completely archaic, and posted those for the windows viewers. Again, this was an afterthought, because the site was intended to be an iTunes feed, so I was neither concerned nor interested in whether ANYONE could view the videos from the site, especially PCs. By the time I started looking at the stats and saw the overwhelming percentage of PC and IE viewers over Mac and Safari users (most of which also happened to be MYSELF, since testing the links was adding to my stats :/ ), it was too late, until I decided to make my primary format Flash.

As far as the MOV or MP4 files, again, their purpose was to sit on an iPod and look pretty. :) Even though I selected 'fast start', and maybe even 'compressed headers', since the goal wasn't streaming them over the net, I encoded them at as high a rate as I was comfortable with, which was ~ 2,048 Kbps. So.. .for someone that just plugs their iPod in and lets iTunes download videos, everything's cool. For someone trying to watch the Quicktime file from the direct download link, my videos are going to DL slooooowly, compared to other videos of the same size (and potentially the same quality).

I really stopped thinking about it when I went to Flash, but today's comments have prompted me to consider re-encoding the MP4s to be more internet-friendly.

Having said all that, there's another issue. Time.

I really like the difference that H.264 makes over MP4. H.264 looks great @ 700 Kbps, even if you expand the frame size from the encoded 320x180. Unfortunately, H.264 takes FOR.EV.VER to encode. When I'm trying to post something day-of, I'm trying to get it on the site ASAP. That means I will most likely use the 2,048 Kbps MP4, which encodes MUCH faster. It also might mean I use 1-pass CBR/VBR on a flash video instead of 2-pass VBR. Flash is another issue, because now I'm aware of On2 VP6, except *that* takes even LONGER to encode than H.264! :/ So I end up using Sorenson so I can accomplish ANYTHING ELSE during my day besides encoding a video.

Clearly, since you can make the same quality H.264 video at about 1/3 the data rate of MP4, it's going to DL faster, which is better for the viewer... but worse for the encoder! :) Perhaps the best deal is a dual-tier process where I put up the 'fast' version, then let the 'better' version render overnight. Anyway... this is what happens when you build a site from scratch, and go through several page format changes and several video format changes during the process.

Let me not even MENTION iframes! :/

Decisions... Decisions...

Today is the day that makes or breaks my Halloween Videoblog entry for the festival next week.

The topic is "horror" or "scary", but it could also be humorous horror or just something related to Halloween. The second question is how to depict horror in a way that actually gets across as scary to the viewer. The FIRST question is WHAT to make a video about in the first place. :D

There are different types of scary. There aren't a lot of things in this city that are scary to me because I've been conditioned against it by the way they report news here. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, if you happen by a newspaper or television news program, you get to hear about the most outlandish things that happened to people in the last 24 hours. OTOH, I was in Ohio one time, and the top two news stories were about who won the fishing contest and where he bought his bait! :D So that's part of the problem. What might be scary to the average viewer isn't scary to me, so my mind is going right past it and trying to think of something REALLY scary. Then again, I'm not a fan of horror films, so that narrows my scope even more, because I'm trying to make something realistically scary... not over-the-top, ridiculous-scary.

I can't call it writer's block, because I don't have anything to write, yet. I can't call it thinker's block, because I'm thinking all the time. 'Matter of fact, I'm devoting this entire day to figuring out what I'm going to do. The deadline is the 26th, including pre-production, production, post, encoding and delivery. It doesn't have to be long, so I'm not concerned about the post part. I just really want to get to the point where I have a definite direction and I'm moving forward with this.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reinventing Television: Geek Entertainment Television

This week, Jonny's guest speaker on Reinventing Television was Eddie Codel, producer and co-founder of Geek Entertainment TV (GETV).

==> Watch The Video! <==
==> "Read The Text Chat <==

The show uses webcams and tele-conferencing to bring people together to discuss cutting-edge issues in video blogging.

Air-time is Thursday nights @ 10pm EST. You don't need a webcam to be involved... just a broadband connection & browser to see the video and a telephone to call the toll-free conference number to listen in.

Upcoming "Zoom In"

This Sunday @ 7pmEST, Jason DaSilva will be hosting "Zoom In... Producing Movies Today" on zoomin.phovi.com. His guest speaker will be Karin Hayes, co-director of the film “The Kidnapping Of Ingrid Betancourt”.

Join in via webcam or telephone conference or text chat via the flash interface.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A few days ago, I became aware of a... series of comments (because it wasn't actually a conversation or a debate) that revolved around the reasons someone would choose or hire someone else to be a spokesperson for them. I missed that conversation, entirely, so I'll just mention my thoughts about it here, and be done with it. Specifically, it pertained to whether a woman should be chosen for the job? and if so, should it be an attractive woman? and if so, should that be the deciding factor in hiring her? To be even more specific, they were looking to hire someone to be on-air talent... not on television, but on the internet. A host of a show. "The Face" of their broadcast.

Anyone could have been chosen to be the host of this show, yet they specifically requested an attractive female. This was called "sexism". Definition #2 of sexism, according to m-w.com/dictionary/sexism, is "behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex". Could choosing an attractive female to host a show foster stereotypes of a woman's social role? Could choosing a more attractive woman who knows nothing about the topic (but is going to be fed her lines anyway, via a script) over a less attractive woman who knows a lot about the topic imply things to the viewers or people that become aware of this situation about the role of a woman in this society or what's valued about her? I think it says more about the people looking to hire this attractive woman and their target demographic than it says about the woman herself or women in general. What could be the reason that an attractive woman was desired for the position? How about RATINGS? :D

How about if one of the reasons... if not the ONLY reason to put on the show was to get viewers? How about if they knew that they would get MORE viewers to tune in with an attractive female spokesperson than an unattractive female or a male? What's their incentive to go with decidedly less effective 'bait' when they're fishing for viewers? Where's the ROI?

On top of all that, it's not like they were trying to hire her for some kind of intellectual show
like "On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren". :D

All this new spokesperson has to do is study some simple introductory lines or read them from a teleprompter. She's there to wave and smile and look good and ATTRACT viewers to watch the show, which benefits the guys that were looking to hire her in the first place. Mission accomplished. If you're trying to do a show about lawyers, and you hire a woman that looks good and is NOT and never WAS a lawyer, you're a fool. If you want someone to turn letters on a game show, there's no need to hire a lawyer. :)

What does that say for the _content_ of a show that needs eye-candy to get viewers? hehehehe... well...... :)

However, like I said... I think it says more about the show and the show's demographics than it says about women. If the show's topic is appealing to men, then putting an attractive woman in the spotlight is only going to benefit you. Look at Harlequin....

They're selling fantasies to women. Does Harlequin hire busted-looking, out-of-shape, unsuccessful-looking 'Joe Average's to model for the covers of their novels for women? NOPE! :D You know why? Because fewer women would BUY.THE.BOOK. They're better off using covers that don't imply anything about the guy's looks at all than they are using a cover that defines the protagonist as visually unattractive.


That's not to say that I don't see the other side of the 'argument'. Television's filled with uncommonly attractive people, percentage-wise. Most places you go, people don't actually look like that. :D I understand that a lot of girls and women feel pressure to attempt to make themselves look like models because they think models are the definition of good-looking, when, in fact, models are models because they fit the ONE.SIZE.OF.THE.DRESS that the designer made for the show. They hire models to fit clothes... they DON'T make the clothes to fit the models. I understand the reasons that women want to 'fight the power' and get more unattractive women into on-air-talent positions. However... what they're missing is that the woman wasn't being sought because she was a woman. They were looking for someone that would have been attractive to their target demographic... MEN. If you take away the desire to hire someone attractive, that doesn't mean that the unattractive woman has a chance at all. She's on the same level (if not lower) than a man now, because neither the man nor the unattractive woman is going to add to the show's ratings. Unfortunately, even fighting the power doesn't mean a win for the unattractive woman... it's merely a loss for the attractive woman. And, yes... I'm aware that I'm using terms that relate to _visual_ attractiveness, because that's the line that was drawn in this particular case.

Do I think this situation was sexist? No. It would have been sexist if what the new employee looked like wouldn't have mattered at all to their ratings. If they were hiring a video editor, who was never going to be seen on the broadcast, choosing a more attractive and less qualified woman would have been a sexist decision, benefitting the men in the company that would rather walk in the editing suite and see an attractive woman, and hurting the bottom line, since she would be less effective at getting the job done than the less attractive woman. In the case of hiring on-air talent for a mindless hostess position, go for the gusto. Get all the ratings you can, because that's where you're going to get viewers, fame, advertisers, more work... whatever. If you need the new hire to actually DO SOMETHING, go with the most qualified person in the best interests of your business.


Like I said, I missed the boat on this conversation, but it ended with ZERO resolution, whatsoever. Each camp rallied around their respective positions, and no solutions came up that might have gotten a less attractive, yet more qualified female the job. In this case, its absolutely right what the women were saying, that her personality wasn't being showcased and that she was chosen for her looks instead of her ideas and thoughts. "Someone" also said something that I found interesting and true. One of the arguments from the "good looks" side was that "sex sells". Her response was that it wasn't actually sex that was "selling"... it was how attractive the woman looked. I think she's absolutely right. I don't think a more sexual or sensual, yet visually unattractive woman would have stood a chance of being hired for this position, because she still wouldn't have helped the ratings.

What never came up in the conversation is Human nature. Regardless of the technology, it's still people on the other end of the line. Attractive people get more 'stuff' in this world. That's how it is. Every time there's a scientific study done, those are the results. All other things being equal, attractiveness wins the position. Even when things AREN'T equal, attractiveness wins the position. It's valiant and respectable to fight the good fight, but until the society changes to the point where the viewers don't care what the host / hostess / romance novel cover model looks like, their visual or physical attractiveness is going to be a tool to use to bait viewers into watching something they otherwise wouldn't even consider taking a FIRST look at.

Halloween Videoblog Festival 2006

I'm going to see what I can come up with for the Halloween Videoblog Festival 2006.

Zadi & Steve of smashface.com and jetsetshow are organizing the festival, which is happening on Saturday, October 28th, from 7pm-11pm at the Yahoo Campus in Santa Monica.

A lot of other videobloggers & sponsors are involved, so it should be a pretty sweet event! :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

... and more meetups.....

So now the plot thickens... :D Because there's the The New York City Videoblogging Meetup Group that plans to meet up on the same day and time as the other meetup group.

VideoBlogging group & web.meetup.com

So now, I've joined the Yahoo Tech Group, "VideoBlogging". It's an online community that includes a condensed resource of blogging and video brainstorming and Q&As.

While I was skimming the old posts, I found out that Ted Tagami posted about the NY Video 2.0 Group October Meetup that's happening on October 26th in NYC. There are already 50 people that are planning to attend, and about 100 more undecided or that just didn't post that they plan to be there. The group's about video in general, not VideoBlogging in particular, but I'm sure there's quite a bit of overlap between the two communities.

Should be interesting........

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Zoom In: Producing Movies Today!

Tonight, I headed back over to phovi.com for "Zoom In: Producing Movies Today!", hosted by Jason DaSilva.

The show was billed as a discussion on financing, production resources and distribution, but we actually covered many different aspects of filmmaking. A new documentary filmmaker, Vexcellence had many questions, so we ended up chatting about pre-production, post, legal, lighting, crews, cameras, product placement.....

"Zoom In: Producing Movies Today!" is a LIVE video talk show on phovi.com on Sundays from 7:00-8:00pm EST. Check it out if you're in the film industry, or just getting started. :D

ReneeDavide handbags party

Saturday night, I loaded up the Line 6 PodXT and headed over to Dave & Natalie's for the evening.

About Renée Davíde
(reh-nay dah-veed)

Renée Davíde handbags were born when a trio of creative entrepreneurs -- brother and sister Dave and Renée LaTulippe and Renée’s husband Vittorio -- saw the need in the super-saturated handbag industry for a line of superbly constructed handbags that would combine timeless style and structure with a total representation of the modern woman.

The line has been described as feminine and whimsical, with soft lines and sharp accents, designed with an eye for unique details. Combining brilliantly bold shapes and timeless beauty, Renée Davíde handbags offer ultimate wearability season after season. The line transcends and surpasses the current trend of floppy bo-ho bags, and instead offers highly structured handbags for a bit more grown-up playfulness.

Each season, the creative team begins the design process with an exploratory process to define what is equally lovely, fluid, functional, creative and fresh so that each bag is created to be completely exclusive, classic and gorgeous.

The season’s designs are handcrafted by American artisans trained in the old-world Italian tradition of handbag construction. Using only the finest polished Italian leathers and European linens, the Renée Davíde line is painstakingly crafted to ensure the creation of luxurious handbags that will become staples in the rotation of your must-haves.


The Spirit of Vlogging

In the spirit of vlogging, I've decided to revisit my footage from Manhattan Plane Crash day.

First of all... I spent ~ two hours going to the crash site, checking it out and coming back. When I looked at the television, the apartments were still on fire. That's ridiculous, considering I had just been on the scene, and there was nothing but a small amount of smoke coming out of the building. It was like that when I got there, so the fire had been out for AT LEAST an hour, and still, the television was showing four windows with fires a-blazin'. :/ I'm now convinced that the fire may have been out before I even left my house, considering the exact same footage continued to run all day.

Anyway... I figured I'd go "between the lines", into what I consider out-takes from the plane crash video. They didn't add anything to the "going to the crash site" story, so they ended up on the cutting room floor... however, if someone's never been on a bus in Manhattan, NYC or walked down the street here, they might enjoy seeing it.

Of course, New York City isn't always like this. :D This was a special event, so Police, Fire, EMS, etc were making sure they were in position to handle the situation.

And... no... I wasn't looking through the viewfinder while I was walking/jogging from 78th (I thought they reported the crash on 77th) to 72nd. :)

Welcome to New York.....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Late Nite Mash

Dan McVicar (The Bold & The Beautiful, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) has a new show... The Late Nite Mash. It's a mash-up of comedy, music and fascinating people. It's a community where viewers will contribute their own material to the show.

The Late Nite Mash is DEDICATED to giving everyone something better to watch while they're wasting their time.

No matter what time it is... It's late in Los Angeles... but it's too early to go home!

It's The Late Nite Mash!

Cory Lidle Plane Crash

So... The other day, I'm minding my business..... (Like I love to do)... and my sister calls me talking about "a small plane hit a building on the east side. I check out the TV, and there's an apartment building with a few windows with fire coming out of them. I grabbed the camera and headed out.

I hopped on the bus, and unfortunately for me, I thought the reporter said 77th street & York. I got out on 78th & 2nd, and the fire trucks and police vehicles kept whizzing by. Turns out the crash was on 72nd street, so I had some jogging to do. I finally got down there, and the fire was pretty much contained. There's still some smoke coming out of the apartment(s), but everything was pretty calm and the whole block was taped off. There was a helicopter floating around, which was apparently Channel 4 News.

After I got there, nothing really happened. I guess people were waiting to see IF something happened. I headed out as it started raining. The 'funny' thing is that when I got back home and turned on the TV...... the building was still on fire! :/ It was then that I realized that the news was running the same footage over and over and had been doing that the whole time. It's completely possible that the fire was out before I even left my house.

Anyway... Here I go, 'racing' to the accident scene on public transportation!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Reinventing Television

Last night, I checked out Reinventing Television, hosted by Jonny Goldstein, with special guest Bre Pettis.

==> Watch The Video! <==

The show uses webcams and tele-conferencing to bring people together to discuss cutting-edge issues in video blogging.

Air-time is Thursday nights @ 10pm EST. You don't need a webcam to be involved... just a broadband connection & browser to see the video and a telephone to call the toll-free conference number to listen in. I definitely learned a few things I didn't know and I'm looking forward to next week's show, featuring Geek Entertainment TV.

Friday, Oct 13th, 2006

So now the text blog begins...

ReelSolid.TV started out on May 27th, 2006. It's time to expand to text because making video for the web has made me aware of the community of vloggers. I need a space to record what's going on for me outside the realm of video creation.

So... this is it..... :D